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Joe Burrows

Joe Burrows is a documentary photographer and visual researcher with an interest in the nuclear anthropocene. His practice utilises open-source intelligence, archives, satellite imagery and deep research practices to visualise the post-atomic era and the power structures and technologies that enabled and perpetuate it.

Find me completing my MA at The Centre for Research Architecture.
Open to commissions and interesting opportunities.

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Joe Burrows

Shovels Against the Atom

(2020 - )

︎︎︎ Archive
︎︎︎ Investigation
︎︎︎ Nuclear Anthropology
︎︎︎ Radioactive Waste

A collaborative deep-dive into the activites of the British nuclear industry in the mid-1980s.

Shovels Against the Atom tracks government policy and the activities of the Nuclear Industries Radioactive Waste Executive (Nirex) through the 1980s, an era of politcal and scientific uncertainty.

The aim of this project is to preserve and draw lessons from the experiences of communities affected by nuclear policy.  Shovels Against the Atom is a collaborative project and relies on the contributions of many individuals and organisations.
        Radioactive waste, dangerous for thousands of years, and questions of what to do with it had been around since the advent of the atomic era. The ban on sea dumping in 1972 spurred the British government to find a solution closer to home. Four small communities across England would eventually wake up to find Nirex digging for answers in farms and former airfields just next door.
        The threat of shallow radioactive waste disposal was retrospectively short-lived. The memory of those communities and their fight should not be.