︎ London, UK

Joe Burrows

Joe Burrows is a London based documentary photographer and visual researcher with an interest in the nuclear anthropocene. His practice utilises open-source intelligence, archives, satellite imagery and deep research practices to visualise the atomic era and the power structures and technologies that enabled an perpetuate it.

Currently studying with the Centre for Research Architecture.
Open to commissions and interesting opportunities.

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Joe Burrows

N - Anthrax 


︎︎︎ CBRN
︎︎︎ Porton Down
︎︎︎ Biological Weapons
︎︎︎ 1942 - 1943

A self published zine on British anthrax bomb trials during WWII.

A visual study of the development of Anthrax for biological weapons in the United Kingdom, made up of archival and original imagery.

Open edition, first published 2022.


14 x 21 cm
40 pages
Perfect Bound